Friday, August 19, 2011

Fox 9 News

Team Just Ducky will be interviewed live on Fox 9 News Monday at 6:30 am! There will be four live two and a half minute segments, with two 20 second teasers.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Elva Resa Publishing

Sharing our STEM outreach project at Elva Resa Publishing :)

Sharing our STEM Outreach project at Elva Resa Publishing.

LEGO Contest

Team Just Ducky will be demonstrating their robot on the LEGO moon's surface as well as sharing their STEM storybook outreach project at our event.
Lego Contest Saturday August 20, 2011 10am-5pm - Saturday August 20, 201110am-5pmGalleria (Edina)Register in any store by Wednesday, August 17.Come show off your LEGO skills with builders of all ages!

Newspaper Interview

Team Just Ducky was interviewed by Amber Kispert of the local newspaper, Woodbury Bulletin. Our article will be featured in the newspaper on Wednesday, August 24.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rockets and Robots

Mark your calendars for Just Ducky’s MoonBots “very cool [different & innovative]” STEM Outreach Project.
On Friday, August 12, Just Ducky will present their storybook written and illustrated by Team Just Ducky with guidance and assistance from Google Lunar X PRIZE Team Indus and Karen Pavlicin, award winning writer.
Elva Resa Publishing 
1890 Wooddale Dr. Ste 100
Woodbury, MN
10:00 - 11:30 
Space Exploration Activities:
  • YouTube book trailer video of Ranger the Robot
  • Reading of Ranger the Robot
  • Learn about and select your favorite Google Lunar X PRIZE Team
  • MoonBots Google Lunar X Prize MINDSTORMS Challenge
  • Demonstration of Ranger racing across the MoonBots lunar surface, LEGO Digital Designer, NXT Programming, and team member’s latest iPhone app “Space Pirates”

Image of Just Ducky’s MoonBots Robot

Fan mail from neighbor, Sarah, six and a half years old.

Over the past few days Team Just Ducky has made progress on our robot and programming. We have been able to write sub VI’s to help our robot navigate successfully across the table. We had some problems figuring out how to use LabVIEW but a local FRC team helped us figure out some kinks in our program.  For example in LabVIEW it reads the rotation sensor slightly different from NXTG. Our robot also includes most of the things in our proposal and can climb craters/ridges with success. We have yet to start programming the actual missions but our robot is functioning awesome. However, the NXT plug in we have for LabVIEW is really buggy and doesn’t run things quite as consistently as we do in NXTG.  Because of this, we are going to program in NXTG for lack of a better option. We might try a different version of NXT LabVIEW to see if that increases accuracy and efficiency. We are waiting for our additional sensors to arrive.