Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rockets and Robots

Mark your calendars for Just Ducky’s MoonBots “very cool [different & innovative]” STEM Outreach Project.
On Friday, August 12, Just Ducky will present their storybook written and illustrated by Team Just Ducky with guidance and assistance from Google Lunar X PRIZE Team Indus and Karen Pavlicin, award winning writer.
Elva Resa Publishing 
1890 Wooddale Dr. Ste 100
Woodbury, MN
10:00 - 11:30 
Space Exploration Activities:
  • YouTube book trailer video of Ranger the Robot
  • Reading of Ranger the Robot
  • Learn about and select your favorite Google Lunar X PRIZE Team
  • MoonBots Google Lunar X Prize MINDSTORMS Challenge
  • Demonstration of Ranger racing across the MoonBots lunar surface, LEGO Digital Designer, NXT Programming, and team member’s latest iPhone app “Space Pirates”

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