Friday, July 22, 2011

Robot Progress

Our robot design has turned out to be very effective. In the back of the robot we have two very large wheels geared down to increase accuracy. In the front we have a set of pivoting plastic tracks to help climb ridges and craters. To transfer power from the wheels to our tracks we use a set of rubber tracks. Unlike using gears or chain to transfer power, the rubber tracks greatly increases our ability to climb over obstacles. Our arm consists of two motors. One NXT motor that lifts/lowers the arm, and a Power Functions motor that allows us to open and close our claw. This allows us to pick up the helium/water whether they are upright, fallen over, sideways, or upside down. Our robot is made solely out of yellow and black pieces for a “cool” factor. The robot is fairly heavy due to its size, brick, 4 motors, and a power functions battery pack. It does however function smoothly and effectively. Mission control is closed for 10 days due to the fact that three of our Moonbot members are on vacation.  It will be crunch time when we return back to head quarters.  

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