Monday, July 18, 2011

Story Time!

So far we have drafted half of our book. The book keeps being edited, re-edited and yet again re-edited. We now understand why it can take authors about two years to write and complete a storybook.  Currently our illustrator, Anita,  has drawn pictures for half of the storybook.  We decided to tell half of the story to the children next-door to see how well children liked and understood the story line.  They made some great suggestions, that we never would have thought of. We have already started to make these changes. The children could not believe that "REAL ROBOTS" are ACTUALLY GOING TO THE MOON.

Questions and comments from the kids:
Are robots really going to the moon?
Why are they going to the moon?
 I didn't know there were real robots going to the moon.
How do you make a LEGO robot?
How does a robot get to the moon?
I will like your book better when I can see more pictures of robots.
I want to go to Mars because I like to play in the sand.

Best of all........."After our nap,  we will come over to hear the rest of the story."

Writing a storybook book is harder than it appears. It never seems to be perfect, there is always room for improvement.  We are asking for ideas from children of different ages to contribute to the story. We are enjoying the journey, and can't wait to finish and release our final product.

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